Top and Best Air Purifiers 2019 – Comparison, Reviews and Ratings

Out on a hunt for some fresh and healthy air? You’re at the right place because we are here to suggest the best air purifier based on your need. But before getting into that, you should know the basics, need to know the purpose of having one, and the different types of air purifiers. Let’s begin with the basic explanation and then I am sure you will already be half-an-expert and will only be looking for a good option knowing what has to be set as the criteria for choosing the best air purifier.

What is an Air Purifier?

A no-brainer there, it is what the name suggests. An air purifier is a device meant to purify and remove any contaminants from the air around you. Irrespective of whether a person is suffering from conditions like Asthma or Allergy or is in a perfectly normal condition, fresh air is the need of the hour and an air purifier takes the polluted impure air in and pushes cleaned fresh air for breathing.

Also called as air cleaners, these devices are available either as standalone units or as a part of the air conditioning systems in certain commercial places, based on the requirement. Even the standalone ones are with different sizes and shapes, some for just a desktop area, some for a room and some made for the entire house.

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What Does an Air Purifier Remove?

An air purifier is meant to remove allergens including dust, pollen, and others, as well as components like Smoke particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All these can either lead to allergies to those who are sensitive or they can cause other conditions in your lungs. Air purifiers are designed to filter the air and remove these particles.

What are the Different Types of Air Purifiers?

There are certainly some types of purifiers that work based on different technologies they are powered with. The common five types of air purifiers use one of the following technologies.

  • HEPA filter technology
  • Activated-carbon filter technology
  • Ionizer technology
  • Ozone technology
  • Ultraviolet light technology

There are also Polarized-media electronic air cleaners, Thermodynamic sterilization ones, and Titanium dioxide technology based purifiers too available but they are not as common as the five listed above.

How to Choose an Air Purifier?

I know it is not easy to buy a product that you don’t know much about and rely on experts to choose one based on their reviews, but I have made it easier for you with the guide given below. The truth is, you need to understand about the filters and the functioning of these machines before you get one for your household or room. Even a little bit of knowledge is very much helpful and that is what I am trying to impart to you.

The main aim of every air purifier is the same – filtering air and remove any pollutant or allergen from it so that the air that is being breathed is safe and good. But what kind of filtering is used, is important. One of the most famous and helpful methods of air purifying is the HEPA method. The short form for High-efficiency particulate arrestance, HEPA filters are known to remove about 99.7% of 0.3-micrometer particles and thus, even more, effective in removing larger particles from the polluted air.

Again, as confusing as it gets always, there is not just one HEPA-type here, because what you will have to look for is “HEPA True” model, which is claimed to remove about 99.9% impurities and pollutants from the air, making it perfect for breathing.

Need a Quick Decision? These are Some of the Best-Recommended Air Purifiers.

Need of pre-filter in the purifier: In dusty environments where the dust particles are coarser, having a prefilter is a big advantage as it is capable of removing coarser impurities, but with that, it needs proper attention from its users, where either regular cleaning or replacement of the HEPA filter is needed. Having the pre-filter increase the efficiency of the purifier, and thanks to it, the life of your main filter gets increased. Also, it is worth noting that if you are looking for a purifier that is meant to remove smoke and foul smells, having one with activated carbon is a good choice.

Ratings Based on Air Change Rate:

There are different names used for this, including CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate); efficient area coverage; air changes per hour; the clean air delivery rate, and all of them mean the same – how much air is converted every hour by the purifier. The more the better because the metrics are calculated when the machine is working at its maximum efficiency, and you should not always want to see if running under heavy load.

The number mentioned for ACH (Air Change per Hour rate) is the number of times the fresh air is pumped out in the entire room per hour, and if the air purifier shows a rating of 4 ACH, it means it takes about 15 minutes to completely freshen the room’s air once.

On the other side, CADR is a metric used by Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and it measures the number of cubic feet of air the unit can filter in one minute. Of course, this number will vary based on the type of air because the size of allergens, pollen, and dust particles differ and thus it takes a different amount of time to take them out of the air.

For both the important metrics above, whichever you choose, choose the one with a bigger number if you have a large room and need the air in it to be clean all the while.

The Reason for Choosing One:

How air purifiers work

What do you need it for? This question is very important and you have to ask yourself whether you are getting it only because the pollution meter in your locality says that the air is not clean to breathe, or whether there is actually a lot of smoke flowing from neighboring areas?

Sometimes, you might be looking to buy an air purifier for your pet, or only for a family member who is allergic to stuff like pollen or dust. The needs might be different and there are certain brands that specialize in making air purifiers that excel in a specific function, like removing smoke from the air, or coarser particles that are problematic for breathing.

The Room Size Matters:

Are you going to buy the air purifier for your entire house? Or is it only for your living room? How big is the room? The size of the room matters a lot because the capacity and efficiency of these purifiers depend on the volume of impure air that is present in it.

Always, while choosing the best one, have a proper look at the capacity and the rating, and if you are finding a good fit for your room, there is no harm in getting a slightly larger one that has more efficiency, because that will make it sure that the cleaning is perfect all the time.

To just give an example, if we are talking about an air purifier for your desktop, try looking for something with a good rating, or a small sized room air purifier because that will do more than just purifying the air around your desktop, but also will ensure that the air around is always clean, thanks to the high-capacity equipment in it.

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Sensors, Technology, and Advancements:

We are at such an age where you won’t find a traditional air filter that pumps out clean air through a simple filter. Also, not all of the available purifier models will have a fixed speed of the fan for purification. This, in fact, is a good thing because you can now get too selective, and get one that has some of these automated features such as slowing down the speed of the fan when the air quality is better, and also indicating the user whenever a change or cleaning of the filter is needed.

Final Word:

The website is made with only one intention – helping you with the search for the best air purifier for your purpose, whether that is a room, hall, or office. We know how the air around you is getting worse every day and unless a global change is brought about, things don’t seem to be getting better and thus, you got to look out for the options that at least keep the air around you clean and breathable.

It is not too hard to find a good air purifier for removing smoke, pollen or other allergens, but the problem arises when you see over a dozen options in the same price range, and most from well-known brands and you end up in a confusion, which is what we are trying to clear here in the website.

Now, explore the best ones and buy the best air purifier and have a healthier life ahead. Good luck.