Mistakes to avoid while buying an Air Purifier

Buying an air purifier is totally the buyer’s choice. But after all, it’s the seller’s responsibility to guide them. We cannot randomly walk into a store and buy the first purifier that we see. Each air purifier functions differently and serves a different purpose. Hence, before we decide which model to buy, we first have to decide the features that we want in it. Many buyers walk in to buy an air purifier and end up buying one which is either over featured for domestic purpose or under-featured to serve the purpose. These silly mistakes can lead you to cost more money and result? Nothing.

Well, to avoid these buying problems, there are certain mistakes which the buyers must avoid. Mistakes to avoid while buying an air purifier are as follows.

Air Purifier

Failing to determine one’s health condition

Air purifiers are ultimately the machine which serves heath purpose. With the alarming rate of increase of air pollution on earth, it has become a need to keep an air purifier handy at home. But before buying one, it is important to address the health conditions of your family members. If you are suffering from problems related to asthma or any other breathing conditions, it is recommendable to buy an air purifier with a triple filter. In the case of serious health issues, it will be a wastage of money if you buy one with a single filter or less power filter.

Not cleaning home properly

Air purifiers are an allergy control program. It absorbs dust particles and kills germs but don’t forget that air purifiers only absorbs dust, it’s still upon you to keep your home clean. Buying an air purifier is not just the solution. Once you buy an air purifier make sure that it has an easy filter removal technique so that you can clean its filter at least once a week to keep the purifier in working state.

Over priced buying

Not everything with high price is good for health. Domestic purpose air purifiers are quite cheap and affordable. Buy one which has a good filter effect and UV ray function. Avoid throwing too much money over one air purifier because you may more than one for your home if you have a big space to live in. Living room and bedroom are the two important place which should be kept clean and hygienic. Hence, at some point, you may need more than one air purifier for better cleaning. So, don’t waste all your money on one air purifier.

Avoiding ozone

Many people have a misconception that ozone affects human life negatively. Well, that is just a myth. Most air purifiers are implanted with ozone filter because ozone has oxidizer properties which bind the dust particles with itself and settles them on the floor for you to clean it later. Hence, never avoid ozone formulated air purifiers.

Avoiding room size while buying

Do you buy curtains which are shorter than your windows? Of course not. Then why shall you air purifier which cannot cover your entire room? Every air purifier has a different area of coverage. So, you buy an air purifier make sure that you keep a point on the area required and previous reviews of that product over the internet. Never buy an air purifier which you think can’t work across your room.

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